Family Summer Time - Frenchman's Bay, Pickering

I always love capturing my boys and have been wanting to create a Super 8mm film for the longest time. Being apart of The Filming Life Academy for the past 2.5 years continues to inspire me in this medium. This was the perfect opportunity to explore these editing techniques in Premiere Pro using a digital camera. I’ve also been exploring the Tribe Archipelago 1888ad preset and applying it to a few of my films. I truly enjoyed experimenting that early evening because it’s the best way that we grow as artists. I went from using using aperture f2 all the way to f8 + These images turned out much darker and moodier than I normally post process but working with hard light at about 6pm in the summer time - I didn’t want to blow out the highlights. Looking at these images and film, I’ll always be reminded of their splashing feet, their obsession with filling buckets up with water, their innate curiosity to find the biggest rocks and how much they love spending time with us. It’s pretty amazing to see their reactions when I cast this onto the big screen and they watch themselves. I want them to always be reminded of these times that we took when we stepped back from our busy daily lives and just enjoyed free time as a family.