Our little family

captured at our favourite hiking spot in Rouge National Urban Park on a family blanket that was quilted by my Finnish grandmother and great aunt over 60 years ago. Photo credit by crazy talented and dear friend Melissa Maahs Photography.

Hello ♥️ Let me introduce myself. I'm Kristina - a wife, a mom, a lover of beautiful stories, the great outdoors and photography. And that's just scratching the surface.

I moved to the #RougeValley 10 years ago and fell in love. Growing up cottaging, learning how to sail and spending an amazing summer as a Junior Ranger for the #ministryofnaturalresourcesandenvironment portaging in #queticoprovincialpark really has shaped my appreciation for all the beauty this area has to offer. I truly feel at home here ♥️

I've been clicking the shutter since I was 5 but pursuing my passion of photographing people since 2002. Portraits, weddings, events, studio and nonprofit just to name a few areas throughout my career that I've covered but they all had one thing in common: family. In 2011 I flipped the video button on my camera and have been hooked ever since. Telling stories through films has just enriched the experience for both myself and my clients. I mean I bawl every time I complete a family film 😭 Since starting our little family in 2014 and becoming a true #mompeneur I've grown even a deeper passion for capturing #modernfamilyhood. Which has lead me to here. #WestRougePhotoCo : my heartlight in everyway ♥️

I hope you reach out. I hope we meet. I LOVE #connection and #community. I know each one of my neighbours ♥️ Let's get together and capture the essence of you and your kids because love and family is where it's at ✌️